Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

Scat queen Jessica has a big thick booty that spreads across her entire toilet seat as she shits in the mouth of her toilet slave. He lies under the seat and takes her small but plentiful turds that coil around inside of his mouth and starts overflowing on the sides. He chews and eats her shit, but he can't keep up with the insane amount of turds coming out of her big ass.

A group of scat princesses get together to shit on their toilet slave. They make sure that he is in a position to take every bit of their shit and they start taking turns pushing out messy and smelly turds into the slave's mouth. The girls demand that he eat every chunk of their shit, but he can't take any more and starts puking while they laugh at his humiliation.

Here the Girls came together to test the new Toilet Chair and put over the Slave and shit into him one after another. The hot ladies lined up outside the rr door ready to give the slave a face full of their hot shits. One by one they entered the bathroom to find the slave waiting for them under the toilet. They each took their hot shits on him.

The three girls laughed and danced at the club, drinking vodka till late. Today in the morning they need the slave's mouth to shit all they had dinner last night. They each go in to use the bathroom and take turns shitting hard into the humn toilets mouth. He gets his mouth covered by all of their divine caviar as he lies under the toilet seat.

The three Scat queens come together in the city of Berlin to have a poop party inside the slaves mouth. The old slave gets to taste their divine caviar aback s the sexy ladies line up to get a chance to shit hard in his mouth. The old slave gets his mouth full of all of their turds. He leans back to catch their shit in his mouth.

It is an extreme makeover for the slave as he lies his head on top of the tub and gets shit and pissed on by the very sexy Jenny as she smokes her cigarette. She smokes and blows all of the smoke into his mouth as he lies back and she rubs all of her shit and piss on his chest and face. He is a stinky mess.

Mistress Gaia is being very generous with you today in sharing her shit with you. You are truly on her shit list because you have repeatedly come in last place as a slave and you do not deserve such a honor. Mistress Gaia is doing you a big favor by letting you be the recipient of all of her shit from her gorgeous asshole. She will shit in your mouth.

The Black big butt girl Keisha takes a sloppy big shit and makes a mess of the toilets face. The slaves face gets covered by all of her light brown shit which comes out of her ass very sloppy and nasty. She serves up a soft fudge sundae of hot shit from her big black ass right on top of the slaves loser face on the floor.

This sexy ebony girl made some special cereal for you. She wore her sexy dress, her sexy high heels and I show my sexy feet. She turns around and shows you her full gorgeous black ass and her nice pussy as she proceed to take a nice hot shit into the bowl for you. The chocolate cereal comes out nice nd smelly and creamy for you.

She forced him to eat dirty shit !!!

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