Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

This mistress is new to the scat fetish world. But she is determined to be good at it within a short period of time. So she practices everyday in order to achieve her aim. She does it alone as opposed to others who do it with their slaves or losers. She likes to lock herself up in the bathroom and try all the things that come to her adventurous mind.

Mistress Gaia had had a scat fetish for a very long time. But in all that time, she had never seen how shit comes out of her asshole. She was curious and wanted to satisfy her curiosity. So she recorded herself shitting. She positioned the camera directly in front of her pussy and asshole and stroked her pussy as she shit. It was fun seeing the source of her fun.

This mistress gets turned on by the weirdest things ever. She likes to make videos of herself shitting on slaves and humiliating them and then watching them afterwards. She always has fun when she is recording the videos, but it is more fun for her when she watches the videos. It is like watching a porn flick in which she stars in. She loves it more than anything else in the world.

Mistress Isabella is known for her slave cruelty. It is something she is proud of and always likes to flaunt. It had been a while before she had posted a video and she wanted to post one that would make up for all the time she had not posted any. She posted one whereby she was humiliating a slave by shitting into his open mouth and having him chew it.

Lady Grace and Lady Katharina know how to humiliate and degrade slaves. They are cruel individually but when they combine, they are a deadly duo. They got a slave and had fun humiliating him. They wanted to create a viral fetish video and they managed to do it. First they shit on his face and the smell was too strong even for them so they puked on his face as well.

This mistress likes to take advantage of the fact that she has a nice ass to humiliate losers and slaves. She does not need to wait for someone to wrong her for her to do something crazy like have a slave or a loser eat her shit. She likes flirting with them and then making them believe they will have fun with her when in the real sense she is using them.

This guy had messed with the wrong party. Princess Nikki did not want to hear any of his apologies. She wanted to show him why he should never repeat what he did. She had him collect her shit using his hands and made him eat the shit. To make sure he ate it well, she gave him her pee to drink and he used it to wash the shit down his throat.

These mistresses wanted to make this loser an example to the others. They wanted to make sure nobody ever messed with them. So they made a video of how they punished and humiliated him then they posted it to the group of people they did not want to mess with them. They trampled him with high heels before shitting on his face and having him eat all the shit and swallow.

Goddess Ryan knows that her boyfriend has a scat fetish. She was horny and was missing him. She also knew he was busy at the office but there was only one thing that would make him run to the house. She shit on her big and round ass and took photos and short videos and sent them to him. He came home in record time and they had an awesome time.

This mistress loves shitting. She has a giant ass that when she sits on the toilet, she covers the whole of it. But she does not just love shitting. She also likes humiliating her slave. She likes to shit and miss and let her shit fall on the floor. Then she uses the bathroom rug as her toilet paper. Then she forces her slave to clean all of them up.

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