Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

Mistress Rosella did not like the kind of results this guy was bringing. She wanted proper results and she had to punish him. She thought he did not apply himself properly and that was why his sales were poor. To make sure he understood what she meant, she took a dump on his face. She told him she was taking a shit on him and making eat it and would do it until he posted impressive results.

Mistress Anna did not like her slave's work ethic. She had to make sure it changed. She did not want him to get used to his poor work ethic. So she changed it by cruelly humiliating him. She made him lick and smell her ass before farting on him and finally shitting on him. She made sure he ate all her shit and swallowed it. She told him she would do it every time till he improved his work ethic. He improved it in record time.

These mistresses love to party and in each party, they like to try different things. That is how they always enjoy the parties and never get bored. Today they decided to try scat fetish. This unfortunate loser was chosen and he did not know what he had gotten himself into. He thought he would have fun with them and even get to have sex. But he was shocked when they turned him into a human toilet and shit on him.

This mistress and her husband are kinky. They like to try all kinds of things and today they tried shit fetish. It was her turn to make him do what she wanted and she settled on scat fetish. She had fun watching him eat her shit and for him it was fun because she was enjoying it and it was naughty and extreme. They had a great time and fucked like never before.

Princess Nikki had a party for her friends.She wanted them to have a memorable night so she brought a slave who was to be humiliated for fun. The mistresses undressed and had fun shitting on him. They had never done it before and it was weird at first but as they went on, it became more interesting and they had a great time shitting on the slave and doing all sorts of nasty things to him.

This guy messed up with the wrong ladies. The ladies hunted him down and when they caught up with him, they made him regret ever messing with them. They turned him into a human toilet and had fun shitting on him and forcing him to eat and swallow the shit. They had high heels on and threatened to use them if he did not eat the shit. He ate it.

This mistress hates it when someone lies to her. This loser did and he had to face the consequences of his lies. She turned him into her human toilet and she cruelly made him eat her shit. She did not care what he felt or the fact that he had never been made to eat shit before. She made sure he ate all of it and he drank her pee.

Goddess Amirha was paid some good money to humiliate this slave and she did it to the best of her ability. She used her scat fetish to do it. First of all she smothered his face with her ass and when she was done, she farted on him. After that, she made him eat her shit and he had no choice but to do it. She taught him a lesson he will never forget.

Mistress Roxy needs to shit now and she likes to shit in the mouth of her toilet slave! She has no mercy with her slave and the slave has to eat a really stinky dirty turd! Do you also like to eat her stinky shit?

Mistress Anna needs to shit now. And her slave is her human toilet now! He told him that this is his place for the rest of his live! He will be just a human toilet for Mistress Anna! She needs to shit a real big turd and she shits directly in his mouth!

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