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This mistress wanted to break up with her boyfriend. She knew he was conservative and would frown upon certain fetishes. She started showing signs which she knew he would ignore. Then one day she made a video of herself shitting. She shit and played with her shit. Then she uploaded it online and let him find it by mistake. They broke up so fast she was surprised. But happy at the same time.

My slave was pestering me about hunger and I was not in the mood to cook. There was no food in the house either and I felt lazy going to the grocery store. I did not trust him with my money so I had to come up with an alternative to getting him food. I decided to make him eat my shit. He had no option but to eat it.

Mistress Gaia had had a scat fetish for a very long time. But in all that time, she had never seen how shit comes out of her asshole. She was curious and wanted to satisfy her curiosity. So she recorded herself shitting. She positioned the camera directly in front of her pussy and asshole and stroked her pussy as she shit. It was fun seeing the source of her fun.

This mistress likes to take advantage of the fact that she has a nice ass to humiliate losers and slaves. She does not need to wait for someone to wrong her for her to do something crazy like have a slave or a loser eat her shit. She likes flirting with them and then making them believe they will have fun with her when in the real sense she is using them.

Goddess Ryan knows that her boyfriend has a scat fetish. She was horny and was missing him. She also knew he was busy at the office but there was only one thing that would make him run to the house. She shit on her big and round ass and took photos and short videos and sent them to him. He came home in record time and they had an awesome time.

This mistress loves shitting. She has a giant ass that when she sits on the toilet, she covers the whole of it. But she does not just love shitting. She also likes humiliating her slave. She likes to shit and miss and let her shit fall on the floor. Then she uses the bathroom rug as her toilet paper. Then she forces her slave to clean all of them up.

This slave had not brushed his teeth and his breath was smelly. These mistresses punished him by shitting into his mouth and making him swallow it. That way, he will learn to brush.

This girl has a slave that she uses as a human toilet. She goes out and has fun at nice restaurants and saves up all her shit for her human toilet. She attaches a special bowl over his face so he can lie under her ass as she fills the bowl up with shit. When the bowl is full of shit, so is his face as he smothers under her scat.

Here the Girls came together to test the new Toilet Chair and put over the Slave and shit into him one after another. The hot ladies lined up outside the rr door ready to give the slave a face full of their hot shits. One by one they entered the bathroom to find the slave waiting for them under the toilet. They each took their hot shits on him.

It is an extreme makeover for the slave as he lies his head on top of the tub and gets shit and pissed on by the very sexy Jenny as she smokes her cigarette. She smokes and blows all of the smoke into his mouth as he lies back and she rubs all of her shit and piss on his chest and face. He is a stinky mess.

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