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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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Goddess Amirha caught her slave masturbating to her photos in her bedroom. She was mad that he had the balls to do those things in her bedroom. She used a facesitting box to humiliate him and teach him a lesson. She made it as cruel as she could to make sure it never happened again. She forced him to eat her shit after she facesat on him and took a dump on his face.

Mistress Rosella did not like the kind of results this guy was bringing. She wanted proper results and she had to punish him. She thought he did not apply himself properly and that was why his sales were poor. To make sure he understood what she meant, she took a dump on his face. She told him she was taking a shit on him and making eat it and would do it until he posted impressive results.

Mistress Anna did not like her slave's work ethic. She had to make sure it changed. She did not want him to get used to his poor work ethic. So she changed it by cruelly humiliating him. She made him lick and smell her ass before farting on him and finally shitting on him. She made sure he ate all her shit and swallowed it. She told him she would do it every time till he improved his work ethic. He improved it in record time.

This mistress likes to take advantage of the fact that she has a nice ass to humiliate losers and slaves. She does not need to wait for someone to wrong her for her to do something crazy like have a slave or a loser eat her shit. She likes flirting with them and then making them believe they will have fun with her when in the real sense she is using them.

The three girls laughed and danced at the club, drinking vodka till late. Today in the morning they need the slave's mouth to shit all they had dinner last night. They each go in to use the bathroom and take turns shitting hard into the humn toilets mouth. He gets his mouth covered by all of their divine caviar as he lies under the toilet seat.

After the girls have a breakfast is usually a very busy moment for the human toilet, since girls often need to take shit. They go into the bathroom after eating their breakfast and proceed to drop their pants and do their duty on the human toilet. He gets his face covered by all of the girls hot shit as each one comes in to shit in his mouth.

The three girls are using the human toilet for the first time. The sexy women come into the bathroom to use their human toilet after eating a hearty breakfast and then they proceed to shit all over his face. The ladies take turns shitting all over their slave boys face as he lies under the toilet seat getting his face covered by their stinky smelly shit.

The sexy Lady Chantal checked into the hotel and the front desk lady told her there was a human toilet in the room. She needed to see this for herself and she found the toilet on the floor. He was waiting for her n the doorway as she walked in and then she proceeded to piss and shit all over him on the floor covering his mouth.

The girls are at home at midnight, ready to go to sleep and one of the girls needs to take a shit before go to the bed. Thank goodness the toilet slave is still up because it is time for him to receive his mouth full of hot shit for the night. The shit comes out nice and thick out of her ass like a fat sausage in his mouth.

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