Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

Hot, pale brunette Lady Lisa orders a toilet slave, but the slave takes forever to show up. She wants him to pay for his mistake so she fucks him with a strap on and makes him lick his own fecal matter off of it with a humiliating blow job. Finally she sits on her toilet while her masked toilet slave lies under her and eats her smelly turds from her sweet asshole.

This girls are quite resourceful when it comes dominating their toilet slave. They attach a funnel to his face so he can drink all of their piss and not spill a drop. The girls don't think that drinking their golden nectar is humiliating enough so they all get together and fill the funnel with their snot and spit. The masked slave struggles to swallow the funnel full of piss and spit.

Sandy has a good toilet slave who loves to eat everything that comes out of her. He drinks her piss and eats her shit and it is his favorite thing. She puts her pussy over his mouth and fills it with piss then starts shitting in his mouth. The shit hungry toilet slave puts his mouth up to her asshole so he can eat every chunk of her shit as it comes out of her ass.

This very cute scat queen takes another soft shit into the mouth of her masked toilet slave. Luckily there is a bowl attached to his face to catch all the shit because it is very messy and there is way to much for the slave to chew it all before it spreads everywhere. She fills the bowl with her soft and smelly shit and it has an extra nasty smell.

Megan and Lisa are scat princesses that got carried away with their scat fetish. They shit in the mouth of their toilet slave. The turds go right into his mouth and he chews on it so he won't miss a chunk. The girls get carried away and the shit start overflowing out of his mouth and completely covers his face in scat. He tries to chew it all, but he is trapped in shit.

This is the perspective you have been waiting for. This is a POV view from the toilet as scat queen Mistress Gaia shits right in your face. She shits out many huge turds so you better open your mouth wide. If you don't start chewing the shit fast, it will cover your whole face and smother you. This is the best place you can be if you have a scat fetish.

Marie and her friends are sick of trying to hover over their toilet slave when they shit in his mouth so Marie goes out and gets a special shitting chair. This should make scat domination easier for the girls because they can sit there and shit all they want and it all goes right into the mouth of their toilet slave and it's so much shit that it covers his face.

This girl needs to take a shit, but her slave doesn't have time to put his head under her ass. He cups his hands under her asshole and she fills it with smelly turds so he can eat them. When she is finished shitting, she wipes her ass and humiliates her toilet slave further by sticking the shitty toilet paper into his mouth. Now he must sit there and eat the shit out of his hands.

Mistress Gaia is here to give you what you were looking for. A step by step guide on how to eat her shit. She looks so sexy in her mask and black stockings as she explains, in detail, how to be a human toilet and how to eat every bit of her shit. She can shit in a plate for you to chew her turds and eat them or she can shit in your mouth.

Lady Amy has an old man toilet slave who is very good at what he does. He takes four piles of shit right in his face and he works hard to eat every chunk. Lady Grace even steps in to vomit right in his mouth and he eats up all the vomit and shit like a good slave. The mess is all over his face and the floor and he tries to eat it all.

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