Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

After the girls have a breakfast is usually a very busy moment for the human toilet, since girls often need to take shit. They go into the bathroom after eating their breakfast and proceed to drop their pants and do their duty on the human toilet. He gets his face covered by all of the girls hot shit as each one comes in to shit in his mouth.

The sexy Girls are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know he is up for Toilet duty and to get in the Position needed. they are all finishing up their breakfast and it is time for them to take their daily shits on the human toilet. He gets in his ready position underneath the table awaiting the hot shits from their asses.

Extreme Scat Party in Berlin. 5 Girls and 1 human toilet slave.

Sexy Mistress Adison has a nice surprise for the male slave in the bathroom stall. The slave sticks his face in her tight asshole and waits for the sexy mistress to shit all over his face. She has eaten a good meal and is ready for a nice shit all over his face and into his open mouth. He gets to taste all of her shit too.

The three girls are using the human toilet for the first time. The sexy women come into the bathroom to use their human toilet after eating a hearty breakfast and then they proceed to shit all over his face. The ladies take turns shitting all over their slave boys face as he lies under the toilet seat getting his face covered by their stinky smelly shit.

The sexy Lady Chantal checked into the hotel and the front desk lady told her there was a human toilet in the room. She needed to see this for herself and she found the toilet on the floor. He was waiting for her n the doorway as she walked in and then she proceeded to piss and shit all over him on the floor covering his mouth.

Sexy Kelsey is a beautiful redhead with a stunning body and a nice full ass. You know you'd love to suck on her ass cheeks but she has a nice surprise for you today as she proceeds to lay some very smelly farts right into your face. You know what that means when a girl is farting this much, there is not too much time before that hot shit.

First timer Kiki comes over to give the toilet some of her nice turds and sweet golden nectar into his pig boy mouth. He eats and drinks what he can but there was too much for this toilet. She has a very big full ass and a lto coming out of it today as she pours all of her piss and shit in his mouth but its too much.

This slave has a lucky day as he gets to be the victim of the gorgeous Mistress Gaia's hot shit right into his open mouth on the floor. She lies on top of the clear glass toilet seat setting her gorgeous ass right down on top of it as she proceeds to drop a hot shit into the slaves open mouth. He eats up all of her shit.

The new toilet chair is having his first go round as the ladies stop by to test him out as his head sticks out from the floor. The redhead is the first to drop by as she pulls up her skirt and unleashes the hot brown shit right into the open mouth of the new human toilet. He gets to suck on her big fat shit for the day.

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