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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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Whenever this mistress is pissed off and wants to punish a slave or a loser cruelly, she always does that using her shit fetish. Today she forced her slave to eat her shit and drink her pee because he had made her mad. She did not want to forgive him for what he had done. She went straight to her favorite punishment and she took a dump on his face and made him eat it.

This mistress hates it when someone lies to her. This loser did and he had to face the consequences of his lies. She turned him into her human toilet and she cruelly made him eat her shit. She did not care what he felt or the fact that he had never been made to eat shit before. She made sure he ate all of it and he drank her pee.

This slave had not brushed his teeth and his breath was smelly. These mistresses punished him by shitting into his mouth and making him swallow it. That way, he will learn to brush.

Michelle wanted to teach her slave a lesson. She made him lick her boots before she shit on him and smeared it all over his body

This toilet slave can handle a lot of shit so this group of young scat princesses leave him in their shared bathroom. They make him lie under their toilet throughout the day while each of the girls come in and piss and shit in the bowl that is attached to his face. He can't chew fast enough to eat all the shit so the bowl fills with scat and covers his face.

Sandy has a good toilet slave who loves to eat everything that comes out of her. He drinks her piss and eats her shit and it is his favorite thing. She puts her pussy over his mouth and fills it with piss then starts shitting in his mouth. The shit hungry toilet slave puts his mouth up to her asshole so he can eat every chunk of her shit as it comes out of her ass.

This very cute scat queen takes another soft shit into the mouth of her masked toilet slave. Luckily there is a bowl attached to his face to catch all the shit because it is very messy and there is way to much for the slave to chew it all before it spreads everywhere. She fills the bowl with her soft and smelly shit and it has an extra nasty smell.

Megan and Lisa are scat princesses that got carried away with their scat fetish. They shit in the mouth of their toilet slave. The turds go right into his mouth and he chews on it so he won't miss a chunk. The girls get carried away and the shit start overflowing out of his mouth and completely covers his face in scat. He tries to chew it all, but he is trapped in shit.

Marie and her friends are sick of trying to hover over their toilet slave when they shit in his mouth so Marie goes out and gets a special shitting chair. This should make scat domination easier for the girls because they can sit there and shit all they want and it all goes right into the mouth of their toilet slave and it's so much shit that it covers his face.

Mistress Gaia is here to give you what you were looking for. A step by step guide on how to eat her shit. She looks so sexy in her mask and black stockings as she explains, in detail, how to be a human toilet and how to eat every bit of her shit. She can shit in a plate for you to chew her turds and eat them or she can shit in your mouth.

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