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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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This mistress wanted to prove to her slave that she was not one to mess with. She had never punished him before and he had taken a lot for granted. She called her friend and the two mistresses took him to her torture chambers. They trampled him and cruelly dominated him before they took turns shitting on him. He had to eat all their shit before they let him go.

Mistress Anna did not like her slave's work ethic. She had to make sure it changed. She did not want him to get used to his poor work ethic. So she changed it by cruelly humiliating him. She made him lick and smell her ass before farting on him and finally shitting on him. She made sure he ate all her shit and swallowed it. She told him she would do it every time till he improved his work ethic. He improved it in record time.

These mistresses love to party and in each party, they like to try different things. That is how they always enjoy the parties and never get bored. Today they decided to try scat fetish. This unfortunate loser was chosen and he did not know what he had gotten himself into. He thought he would have fun with them and even get to have sex. But he was shocked when they turned him into a human toilet and shit on him.

This mistress did not want to fail in her class. She knew it would be disastrous if she did. So she planned to pass without studying for her exams. She went to her professor and humiliated him. She made him eat her shit and promised to do worse if she did not pass her exams. The professor had no choice but to give him a leakage that saw her pass.

With my big ass, very few people can resist me. I know I'm hot and I like to use my seduction and flirting techniques to get what I want. But unlike other mistresses, I do not use these to get money or favors. It is just to have fun. I like making guys do what I want. Like today I want a hot guy to eat my shit just because I said so.

This mistress likes to take advantage of the fact that she has a nice ass to humiliate losers and slaves. She does not need to wait for someone to wrong her for her to do something crazy like have a slave or a loser eat her shit. She likes flirting with them and then making them believe they will have fun with her when in the real sense she is using them.

Alexa was alone and feeling horny. She was free to do all the crazy things she wanted. She pooped and she used her poop as her lube when she masturbated

Alexa went to sleep but she could not find any sleep. She decided to play with her favorite thing - shit instead. She went to the living room and shit there and played with it and masturbated using it

The three girls laughed and danced at the club, drinking vodka till late. Today in the morning they need the slave's mouth to shit all they had dinner last night. They each go in to use the bathroom and take turns shitting hard into the humn toilets mouth. He gets his mouth covered by all of their divine caviar as he lies under the toilet seat.

After the girls have a breakfast is usually a very busy moment for the human toilet, since girls often need to take shit. They go into the bathroom after eating their breakfast and proceed to drop their pants and do their duty on the human toilet. He gets his face covered by all of the girls hot shit as each one comes in to shit in his mouth.

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