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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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This mistress hates it when someone lies to her. This loser did and he had to face the consequences of his lies. She turned him into her human toilet and she cruelly made him eat her shit. She did not care what he felt or the fact that he had never been made to eat shit before. She made sure he ate all of it and he drank her pee.

This mistress is new to scat fetish and you can see all the enthusiasm she has for it. She is determined to be one of the best scat queens and she does all in her power to make sure that happens. This time round, she got a slave and practiced all she had thought about on him. She shit on him and made him eat her shit and swallow it.

This mistress gets turned on by the weirdest things ever. She likes to make videos of herself shitting on slaves and humiliating them and then watching them afterwards. She always has fun when she is recording the videos, but it is more fun for her when she watches the videos. It is like watching a porn flick in which she stars in. She loves it more than anything else in the world.

This mistress has always had a thing for shit. She has always felt nice whenever she shits. And it turned into her hobby and now it is a fetish. She likes how long and hard and big shits stretch her asshole. She wanted to shit the biggest one yet so she went without shitting for three days and when she did, she recorded her shit. It was big and she had a mixture of pain and pleasure when shitting it.

These three hot scat queens would like to show you what it is like to be their human toilet. They give you a POV of their toilet so you can see each of them sit down and spread their assholes so they can shit in your mouth. Some of them have very messy shit and you can imagine the scat running all over your face as you chew on it and eat it.

This is the perspective you have been waiting for. This is a POV view from the toilet as scat queen Mistress Gaia shits right in your face. She shits out many huge turds so you better open your mouth wide. If you don't start chewing the shit fast, it will cover your whole face and smother you. This is the best place you can be if you have a scat fetish.

You get an up close and personal view of what it's like to be a toilet slave with this POV clip of several girls shitting on you, the human toilet. The hot girls come in again and again and shit directly into your mouth. You are still chewing on the turds of one girl when another girls comes in and pisses and shits all over your face. This is the life of a toilet slave.

The sexy Lady Chantal checked into the hotel and the front desk lady told her there was a human toilet in the room. She needed to see this for herself and she found the toilet on the floor. He was waiting for her n the doorway as she walked in and then she proceeded to piss and shit all over him on the floor covering his mouth.

The girls are at home at midnight, ready to go to sleep and one of the girls needs to take a shit before go to the bed. Thank goodness the toilet slave is still up because it is time for him to receive his mouth full of hot shit for the night. The shit comes out nice and thick out of her ass like a fat sausage in his mouth.

The two girls mistreat the toilet slave by dropping their pants and pissing and shitting all over his face as he lies under the toilet seat. As an insult to injury the two ladies spit on his face just for kicks. They spread their ass holes and drop a nice deuce all over his face as he lies underneath them on the toilet seat. The slave is covered by their shit.

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