Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

This masked scat princess with a hot and supple body sits on her special toilet seat with a plate lying under it. When the plate is full of her smelly shit, she calls her toilet slave over to eat it. When he starts to bend down and chew it like a dog, she pushes his head into the pile of scat with her pretty feet. She humiliates him with a face full of shit.

These hot tattooed scat princesses have a little get-together and have fun with drinking games while their toilet slave lies in the floor waiting for their shit. Sweetbaby and Miss Jane and their friends spit and shit in the mouth of the slave and piss all over him. He gets lucky that he gets pissed on four times, but only has to take two loads of scat in his mouth.

Mistress Gaia is a sweet and supple scat princess showing most of her wonderful and petite body as she prepares to weight her shit. She has a scale to she can give you an idea of how much of her shit you will be eating. The determines the weight of her pile of turds and she wants you to chew and swallow each one of them one by one like a good toilet slave.

This girl has a slave that she uses as a human toilet. She goes out and has fun at nice restaurants and saves up all her shit for her human toilet. She attaches a special bowl over his face so he can lie under her ass as she fills the bowl up with shit. When the bowl is full of shit, so is his face as he smothers under her scat.

Mistress Michelle goes hiking with her shit slave. He follows along behind her just in case she needs to take a shit. She shits in a bowl for her old slave and he eats it like it's BBQ. She doesn't have any toilet paper so he has to lick the shit out of her ass. She spits in his mouth so he will have plenty of saliva to eat all her shit.

Mistress Raw Desires is a brand new scat princess who is ready to make a name for herself in the realm of shit eating. She has a big and luscious ebony ass that she lowers down on a special toilet. A toilet slave lies under it and takes a mouthful of her smelly turds. He loves her shit and chews on in before putting his mouth up to catch the shit from her ass.

Three very hot and sexy scat princesses Sweetbaby, Lady Chantal and Miss Jane see some down on his luck loser on the side of the road and steal everything he has. Each of the girls have to go to the bathroom so they make him lie down on the ground while all of them piss in his face and one of them shits a big pile of turds in his mouth.

You get an up close and personal view of what it's like to be a toilet slave with this POV clip of several girls shitting on you, the human toilet. The hot girls come in again and again and shit directly into your mouth. You are still chewing on the turds of one girl when another girls comes in and pisses and shits all over your face. This is the life of a toilet slave.

Lady Missy is a scat princess who is not afraid to get nasty and cruel with her toilet slave. He lies under her ass while she shits in his mouth and he starts chewing on her turds. The shit is messy and falling out everywhere so Lady Missy jabs him with a cattle prod and spits a huge wad of snot into his mouth so he has to eat all the shit and snot together.

Mistress Gaia had an idea for her toilet slave to spend the entire day as her human toilet. She encloses the masked slave in a special see through plastic case and left him there all day. Every time she has to shit throughout the day, he is right there waiting with his mouth open to receive heaping mouthfulls of her smelly turds. Mistress Giaia is a scat princess that never disappoints.

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