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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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Mistress Gaia caught her slave sleeping on the job and she had to show him the consequences of that. She did that using her shit fetish. She forced him to eat her shit and as if that was not enough, she took a used condom and she emptied its contents on his face. He had to eat a mixture of her shit, her pee as well as another man's seed.

Princess Nikki does not like bullies. When she realized this guy at her work place was one, she had to punish him. She did si in his office. She went there and flirted with him and when he thought she wanted to fuck him and he was getting ready for it, she took a shit on his face and forced him to eat and swallow it. He never bullied anyone again.

Princess Nikki had a party for her friends.She wanted them to have a memorable night so she brought a slave who was to be humiliated for fun. The mistresses undressed and had fun shitting on him. They had never done it before and it was weird at first but as they went on, it became more interesting and they had a great time shitting on the slave and doing all sorts of nasty things to him.

I knew that this guy had a scat fetish and I wanted to use it to get what I wanted. I needed to get a certain contract and I knew how to play the fact that he loved scat fetishes. With my big ass and cute looks, I made a hot video of a scat nature and let him get it by accident. He couldn't resist giving me the contract.

This mistress is new to scat fetish and you can see all the enthusiasm she has for it. She is determined to be one of the best scat queens and she does all in her power to make sure that happens. This time round, she got a slave and practiced all she had thought about on him. She shit on him and made him eat her shit and swallow it.

Mistress Isabella was having fun with this guy when she decided that she could have even more fun if she had this fun at his expense. She had nothing to lose by doing that so she decided to blindfold him. She then had shit placed on the floor so that he could not see what it was. Then made him identify it correctly and if not, eat it. She had fun seeing him eat shit.

When you have a free imagination like this mistress, anything can happen. This mistress decided to butter her bread with shit. And she wanted her slave to eat it

When this mistress is mad, the result is always brutal to her slave. She took this slave when she was mad and made him eat her shit

The three Scat queens come together in the city of Berlin to have a poop party inside the slaves mouth. The old slave gets to taste their divine caviar aback s the sexy ladies line up to get a chance to shit hard in his mouth. The old slave gets his mouth full of all of their turds. He leans back to catch their shit in his mouth.

The two human toilets are living under the carpet for today as the group of five sexy ladies come over to have a nice scat party in the living room. It is a great party as the slaves get their faces and mouths shitted on by the lovely girls all day long. The girls drop hot turds into the open mouths of the slaves on the floor.

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