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I was at work and had an important project to work on. I was tired and fatigued and my mind could not take in any more. I tried to take some coffee but it did not work. I tried to listen to some music but that did not work too. Neither did taking a walk. But when I decided to try my scat fetish in the office, it worked wonders.

This mistress is new to the scat fetish world. But she is determined to be good at it within a short period of time. So she practices everyday in order to achieve her aim. She does it alone as opposed to others who do it with their slaves or losers. She likes to lock herself up in the bathroom and try all the things that come to her adventurous mind.

The three Scat queens come together in the city of Berlin to have a poop party inside the slaves mouth. The old slave gets to taste their divine caviar aback s the sexy ladies line up to get a chance to shit hard in his mouth. The old slave gets his mouth full of all of their turds. He leans back to catch their shit in his mouth.

Mistress Gaia is being very generous with you today in sharing her shit with you. You are truly on her shit list because you have repeatedly come in last place as a slave and you do not deserve such a honor. Mistress Gaia is doing you a big favor by letting you be the recipient of all of her shit from her gorgeous asshole. She will shit in your mouth.

Sexy Mistress Adison has a nice surprise for the male slave in the bathroom stall. The slave sticks his face in her tight asshole and waits for the sexy mistress to shit all over his face. She has eaten a good meal and is ready for a nice shit all over his face and into his open mouth. He gets to taste all of her shit too.

The sexy ebony girl has just had a heavy pasta dish to eat and it weighs heavily in her stomach so she must shit right away. She pulls down her white stretch pants to show off her beautiful big lovely black ass and then drops a nice shit on top of the grocery bag in front of the toilet. She shows you as the long stringy shit falls out.

One of my slaves was advised to clean the toilets, but he did it bad. Miss Jane and her sexy mistress friend had to make an example out of the slave by using him as their own human toilet as they pee and shit all over his naked body inside the shower. His face is covered by their urine and shit as he lies with his mouth open.

Mistress Adison makes her Slave serve her the Way she wants a Slave to serve. The hot brunette shoves her pussy and ass hole into the slaves mouth as they are lying on the couch and she begins to shit hard into his open mouth. The slave has his hands behind his back so he cannot push her off if he begins to choke on her shit.

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