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Mistress Gaia had had a scat fetish for a very long time. But in all that time, she had never seen how shit comes out of her asshole. She was curious and wanted to satisfy her curiosity. So she recorded herself shitting. She positioned the camera directly in front of her pussy and asshole and stroked her pussy as she shit. It was fun seeing the source of her fun.

This mistress has always had a thing for shit. She has always felt nice whenever she shits. And it turned into her hobby and now it is a fetish. She likes how long and hard and big shits stretch her asshole. She wanted to shit the biggest one yet so she went without shitting for three days and when she did, she recorded her shit. It was big and she had a mixture of pain and pleasure when shitting it.

This is the perspective you have been waiting for. This is a POV view from the toilet as scat queen Mistress Gaia shits right in your face. She shits out many huge turds so you better open your mouth wide. If you don't start chewing the shit fast, it will cover your whole face and smother you. This is the best place you can be if you have a scat fetish.

Mistress Gaia is here to give you what you were looking for. A step by step guide on how to eat her shit. She looks so sexy in her mask and black stockings as she explains, in detail, how to be a human toilet and how to eat every bit of her shit. She can shit in a plate for you to chew her turds and eat them or she can shit in your mouth.

Mistress Gaia is a sweet and supple scat princess showing most of her wonderful and petite body as she prepares to weight her shit. She has a scale to she can give you an idea of how much of her shit you will be eating. The determines the weight of her pile of turds and she wants you to chew and swallow each one of them one by one like a good toilet slave.

Mistress Gaia had an idea for her toilet slave to spend the entire day as her human toilet. She encloses the masked slave in a special see through plastic case and left him there all day. Every time she has to shit throughout the day, he is right there waiting with his mouth open to receive heaping mouthfulls of her smelly turds. Mistress Giaia is a scat princess that never disappoints.

This slave has a lucky day as he gets to be the victim of the gorgeous Mistress Gaia's hot shit right into his open mouth on the floor. She lies on top of the clear glass toilet seat setting her gorgeous ass right down on top of it as she proceeds to drop a hot shit into the slaves open mouth. He eats up all of her shit.

The gorgeous Mistress Gaia has a beautiful body and she loves to show it off as she pulls down her thong under wear and takes a shit into the silver bowl under the chair. She is very casual and sneaky as she slowly lowers her panties and shits intot he silver bowl that is placed underneath her leather chair. The bowl gets filled with all of her shit.

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