Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

Michelle wanted to teach her slave a lesson. She made him lick her boots before she shit on him and smeared it all over his body

When you have a cruel mistress like Candy, you should always be prepared for the worst. She came home and made her slave eat her poop for dinner

When you have a free imagination like this mistress, anything can happen. This mistress decided to butter her bread with shit. And she wanted her slave to eat it

Alexa went to sleep but she could not find any sleep. She decided to play with her favorite thing - shit instead. She went to the living room and shit there and played with it and masturbated using it

When this mistress is mad, the result is always brutal to her slave. She took this slave when she was mad and made him eat her shit

Jae had seen scat fetish videos and she wanted to try them. She went to the bathroom and shit on her panty before playing with it. She liked it and wanted to look for a slave to humiliate next

This toilet slave is allowed to eat meals, but he must eat his meals under the toilet seat. Girls come in and shit in their special toilet that has a plate lying under it. They give him a side of fries and the slave waits next to the plate until if fills with shit so he can eat it. Scat and fries is this slave's favorite meal and he eats it up.

Young scat queen Aline had a whole plate full of Mexican food and she has to take a big shit. Her masked toilet slave lies under her toilet so he can eat her turds for her. The shit comes out so large and heavy that it quickly covers his whole face. He chews on the hard and compacted smelly turds and the scat just keeps piling up on his face.

This toilet slave can handle a lot of shit so this group of young scat princesses leave him in their shared bathroom. They make him lie under their toilet throughout the day while each of the girls come in and piss and shit in the bowl that is attached to his face. He can't chew fast enough to eat all the shit so the bowl fills with scat and covers his face.

These three hot scat queens would like to show you what it is like to be their human toilet. They give you a POV of their toilet so you can see each of them sit down and spread their assholes so they can shit in your mouth. Some of them have very messy shit and you can imagine the scat running all over your face as you chew on it and eat it.

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