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Princess Nikki does not like bullies. When she realized this guy at her work place was one, she had to punish him. She did si in his office. She went there and flirted with him and when he thought she wanted to fuck him and he was getting ready for it, she took a shit on his face and forced him to eat and swallow it. He never bullied anyone again.

Mistress Gaia has a gorgeous ass and this guy wanted to tap it. She was also horny and wanted a good pounding and everything was going well until she realized he had a small dick. She knew it could not satisfy her so she punished him for raising her hopes and disappointing her. She cruelly tortured him by making him eat her shit. She told him she did not mess with guys who had tiny dicks.

Goddess Amirha was paid some good money to humiliate this slave and she did it to the best of her ability. She used her scat fetish to do it. First of all she smothered his face with her ass and when she was done, she farted on him. After that, she made him eat her shit and he had no choice but to do it. She taught him a lesson he will never forget.

This mistress was tired of being a good girl. She had always been the kind to follow all she was told and to behave as expected. But she was tired of it because it was not fun. She saw her friends having fun and she craved it. She was watching naughty stuff on the internet when she came across scat fetish videos. She tried them and loved them. She could not help but do it everyday.

Many mistresses become scat queens in their adulthood but this mistress became one when she was just a teen. She used to see her mom do it secretly and her mom never knew she knew. She hid the fact that she knew and looked for ways of having her own scat fetish fun. Then she graduated to having her own slaves and humiliating them. She became a better scat queen than her mother.

This mistress likes to smoke. It is usually a way to mask what she intends to do. When slaves see her smoking, they think she will burn them with her cigarette or that she will choke them with the smoke. But she also likes to smoke because it makes her feel like shitting. When this happens, she makes the slaves lie down and open their mouths and take a deposit.

This mistress is new to scat fetish and you can see all the enthusiasm she has for it. She is determined to be one of the best scat queens and she does all in her power to make sure that happens. This time round, she got a slave and practiced all she had thought about on him. She shit on him and made him eat her shit and swallow it.

This mistress gets turned on by the weirdest things ever. She likes to make videos of herself shitting on slaves and humiliating them and then watching them afterwards. She always has fun when she is recording the videos, but it is more fun for her when she watches the videos. It is like watching a porn flick in which she stars in. She loves it more than anything else in the world.

Mistress Isabella is known for her slave cruelty. It is something she is proud of and always likes to flaunt. It had been a while before she had posted a video and she wanted to post one that would make up for all the time she had not posted any. She posted one whereby she was humiliating a slave by shitting into his open mouth and having him chew it.

This guy had messed with the wrong party. Princess Nikki did not want to hear any of his apologies. She wanted to show him why he should never repeat what he did. She had him collect her shit using his hands and made him eat the shit. To make sure he ate it well, she gave him her pee to drink and he used it to wash the shit down his throat.

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