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Princess Nikki had a party for her friends.She wanted them to have a memorable night so she brought a slave who was to be humiliated for fun. The mistresses undressed and had fun shitting on him. They had never done it before and it was weird at first but as they went on, it became more interesting and they had a great time shitting on the slave and doing all sorts of nasty things to him.

These mistresses wanted to make this loser an example to the others. They wanted to make sure nobody ever messed with them. So they made a video of how they punished and humiliated him then they posted it to the group of people they did not want to mess with them. They trampled him with high heels before shitting on his face and having him eat all the shit and swallow.

Nina has made a reputation for herself. She is known as the cruel mistress who specializes in punishing slaves. She made this slave lie down and pissed into his mouth before making him lick her asshole

Sandy has a good toilet slave who loves to eat everything that comes out of her. He drinks her piss and eats her shit and it is his favorite thing. She puts her pussy over his mouth and fills it with piss then starts shitting in his mouth. The shit hungry toilet slave puts his mouth up to her asshole so he can eat every chunk of her shit as it comes out of her ass.

These hot tattooed scat princesses have a little get-together and have fun with drinking games while their toilet slave lies in the floor waiting for their shit. Sweetbaby and Miss Jane and their friends spit and shit in the mouth of the slave and piss all over him. He gets lucky that he gets pissed on four times, but only has to take two loads of scat in his mouth.

The three Scat queens come together in the city of Berlin to have a poop party inside the slaves mouth. The old slave gets to taste their divine caviar aback s the sexy ladies line up to get a chance to shit hard in his mouth. The old slave gets his mouth full of all of their turds. He leans back to catch their shit in his mouth.

First timer Kiki comes over to give the toilet some of her nice turds and sweet golden nectar into his pig boy mouth. He eats and drinks what he can but there was too much for this toilet. She has a very big full ass and a lto coming out of it today as she pours all of her piss and shit in his mouth but its too much.

The two human toilets are living under the carpet for today as the group of five sexy ladies come over to have a nice scat party in the living room. It is a great party as the slaves get their faces and mouths shitted on by the lovely girls all day long. The girls drop hot turds into the open mouths of the slaves on the floor.

Nikki is a very sexy, shy, natural girl who loves to turn and toss her hair and turn all the men on. Today she turns her fat boy slave on by spreading her ass hole to give him a nice cream filled meal of her delicious light brown shit. It is a mocha pie that comes out of her ass hole into his mouth as he lies before her.

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