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Mistress Anna did not like her slave's work ethic. She had to make sure it changed. She did not want him to get used to his poor work ethic. So she changed it by cruelly humiliating him. She made him lick and smell her ass before farting on him and finally shitting on him. She made sure he ate all her shit and swallowed it. She told him she would do it every time till he improved his work ethic. He improved it in record time.

I knew that this guy had a scat fetish and I wanted to use it to get what I wanted. I needed to get a certain contract and I knew how to play the fact that he loved scat fetishes. With my big ass and cute looks, I made a hot video of a scat nature and let him get it by accident. He couldn't resist giving me the contract.

My slave was pestering me about hunger and I was not in the mood to cook. There was no food in the house either and I felt lazy going to the grocery store. I did not trust him with my money so I had to come up with an alternative to getting him food. I decided to make him eat my shit. He had no option but to eat it.

Many mistresses become scat queens in their adulthood but this mistress became one when she was just a teen. She used to see her mom do it secretly and her mom never knew she knew. She hid the fact that she knew and looked for ways of having her own scat fetish fun. Then she graduated to having her own slaves and humiliating them. She became a better scat queen than her mother.

Lady Grace and Lady Katharina know how to humiliate and degrade slaves. They are cruel individually but when they combine, they are a deadly duo. They got a slave and had fun humiliating him. They wanted to create a viral fetish video and they managed to do it. First they shit on his face and the smell was too strong even for them so they puked on his face as well.

This is the perspective you have been waiting for. This is a POV view from the toilet as scat queen Mistress Gaia shits right in your face. She shits out many huge turds so you better open your mouth wide. If you don't start chewing the shit fast, it will cover your whole face and smother you. This is the best place you can be if you have a scat fetish.

The three girls laughed and danced at the club, drinking vodka till late. Today in the morning they need the slave's mouth to shit all they had dinner last night. They each go in to use the bathroom and take turns shitting hard into the humn toilets mouth. He gets his mouth covered by all of their divine caviar as he lies under the toilet seat.

This sexy ebony girl made some special cereal for you. She wore her sexy dress, her sexy high heels and I show my sexy feet. She turns around and shows you her full gorgeous black ass and her nice pussy as she proceed to take a nice hot shit into the bowl for you. The chocolate cereal comes out nice nd smelly and creamy for you.

Sexy Mistress Adison has a nice surprise for the male slave in the bathroom stall. The slave sticks his face in her tight asshole and waits for the sexy mistress to shit all over his face. She has eaten a good meal and is ready for a nice shit all over his face and into his open mouth. He gets to taste all of her shit too.

The sexy Lady Chantal checked into the hotel and the front desk lady told her there was a human toilet in the room. She needed to see this for herself and she found the toilet on the floor. He was waiting for her n the doorway as she walked in and then she proceeded to piss and shit all over him on the floor covering his mouth.

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