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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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Mistress Rosella did not like the kind of results this guy was bringing. She wanted proper results and she had to punish him. She thought he did not apply himself properly and that was why his sales were poor. To make sure he understood what she meant, she took a dump on his face. She told him she was taking a shit on him and making eat it and would do it until he posted impressive results.

Mistress Anna did not like her slave's work ethic. She had to make sure it changed. She did not want him to get used to his poor work ethic. So she changed it by cruelly humiliating him. She made him lick and smell her ass before farting on him and finally shitting on him. She made sure he ate all her shit and swallowed it. She told him she would do it every time till he improved his work ethic. He improved it in record time.

With my big ass, very few people can resist me. I know I'm hot and I like to use my seduction and flirting techniques to get what I want. But unlike other mistresses, I do not use these to get money or favors. It is just to have fun. I like making guys do what I want. Like today I want a hot guy to eat my shit just because I said so.

The three Scat queens come together in the city of Berlin to have a poop party inside the slaves mouth. The old slave gets to taste their divine caviar aback s the sexy ladies line up to get a chance to shit hard in his mouth. The old slave gets his mouth full of all of their turds. He leans back to catch their shit in his mouth.

The two human toilets are living under the carpet for today as the group of five sexy ladies come over to have a nice scat party in the living room. It is a great party as the slaves get their faces and mouths shitted on by the lovely girls all day long. The girls drop hot turds into the open mouths of the slaves on the floor.

The hot blonde and redhead girls must have eaten a heavy meal last night because they are shitting their brains out today and doing it all on top of their human toilets mouth. Their human toilet lies on the floor as his mouth gets absolutely covered with the two ladies lovely shit. It comes out very stinky and thick like pieces of sausages all over his face.

Two of the slaves faces lie underneath the carpet as all of the girls take their turns shitting into their open mouths on the floor. Their faces stick through the zebra rug as one by one the girls lean over and squat to shit in their mouths. Their faces get filled with poop and the room starts to stink to high heaven after the girls are done with them.

The sexy blonde feels comfortable when my living toilet is lying beneath me. Marie feels the same. So I ordered a toiletchair to make it more comfortable for Marie and me. Lets see if we can shit better with this new chair. She leans over on the toilet seat with her fluffy ass and then takes a nice thick brown turn into the slaves mouth who lies below.

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