Femdom Scat Clips

Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

Lady Sandy did not like how her neighbor messed up with her things when she was not around. So she called her sister and they had to punish the neighbor for what he did. They made him lick their boots first before they decided that it was not enough. She then suggested they make him eat shit and as he protested, they knew it was the best punishment and they made him do it.

This mistress has always had a thing for shit. She has always felt nice whenever she shits. And it turned into her hobby and now it is a fetish. She likes how long and hard and big shits stretch her asshole. She wanted to shit the biggest one yet so she went without shitting for three days and when she did, she recorded her shit. It was big and she had a mixture of pain and pleasure when shitting it.

Mistress Isabella was having fun with this guy when she decided that she could have even more fun if she had this fun at his expense. She had nothing to lose by doing that so she decided to blindfold him. She then had shit placed on the floor so that he could not see what it was. Then made him identify it correctly and if not, eat it. She had fun seeing him eat shit.

Alexa was alone and feeling horny. She was free to do all the crazy things she wanted. She pooped and she used her poop as her lube when she masturbated

This slave had not brushed his teeth and his breath was smelly. These mistresses punished him by shitting into his mouth and making him swallow it. That way, he will learn to brush.

Gaia is a mistress who is no nonsense. This unlucky slave did not know that. She made him eat her shit and swallow it and he learnt the hard way

Ryan wanted to prank her drunk friend. She shit on a plate and then gave it to him to eat. She wanted to know whether he could differentiate between that and real food

Stephi has big tits and they cast a spell on many men. She uses that advantage to make them do whatever she wants like having them lick her poop

Nina has made a reputation for herself. She is known as the cruel mistress who specializes in punishing slaves. She made this slave lie down and pissed into his mouth before making him lick her asshole

This ebony mistress knows that her boyfriend loves her ass. But she was mad at him like she had never been and she wanted to do something she has never done. So she tied him up and made him watch her poop

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