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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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The two human toilets are living under the carpet for today as the group of five sexy ladies come over to have a nice scat party in the living room. It is a great party as the slaves get their faces and mouths shitted on by the lovely girls all day long. The girls drop hot turds into the open mouths of the slaves on the floor.

Mistress Adison makes her Slave serve her the Way she wants a Slave to serve. The hot brunette shoves her pussy and ass hole into the slaves mouth as they are lying on the couch and she begins to shit hard into his open mouth. The slave has his hands behind his back so he cannot push her off if he begins to choke on her shit.

Mistress Raw Desires just loves using the toilet. She shows of her big juicy ebony ass off before dropping some smelly turds in the toilets open mouth. She also gives him a nice stream of warm piss and then makes makes the toilet lick her smelly ass clean. She has a big full figured ebony butt and she sits down and squats on top of the slave to shit.

The gorgeous Mistress Gaia has a beautiful body and she loves to show it off as she pulls down her thong under wear and takes a shit into the silver bowl under the chair. She is very casual and sneaky as she slowly lowers her panties and shits intot he silver bowl that is placed underneath her leather chair. The bowl gets filled with all of her shit.

Here the Girls came together to test the new Toilet Chair and put over the Slave and shit into him one after another. The five girls come in the room where the slave is all tied up and he can't escape as one by one they shit on top of him as he lies underneath the toilet seat. The slaves face is covered with their shit when he's done.

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