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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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This mistress has always had a thing for shit. She has always felt nice whenever she shits. And it turned into her hobby and now it is a fetish. She likes how long and hard and big shits stretch her asshole. She wanted to shit the biggest one yet so she went without shitting for three days and when she did, she recorded her shit. It was big and she had a mixture of pain and pleasure when shitting it.

Nina has made a reputation for herself. She is known as the cruel mistress who specializes in punishing slaves. She made this slave lie down and pissed into his mouth before making him lick her asshole

Mistress Michelle goes hiking with her shit slave. He follows along behind her just in case she needs to take a shit. She shits in a bowl for her old slave and he eats it like it's BBQ. She doesn't have any toilet paper so he has to lick the shit out of her ass. She spits in his mouth so he will have plenty of saliva to eat all her shit.

Mistress Gaia is being very generous with you today in sharing her shit with you. You are truly on her shit list because you have repeatedly come in last place as a slave and you do not deserve such a honor. Mistress Gaia is doing you a big favor by letting you be the recipient of all of her shit from her gorgeous asshole. She will shit in your mouth.

The Black big butt girl Keisha takes a sloppy big shit and makes a mess of the toilets face. The slaves face gets covered by all of her light brown shit which comes out of her ass very sloppy and nasty. She serves up a soft fudge sundae of hot shit from her big black ass right on top of the slaves loser face on the floor.

The sexy Girls are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know he is up for Toilet duty and to get in the Position needed. they are all finishing up their breakfast and it is time for them to take their daily shits on the human toilet. He gets in his ready position underneath the table awaiting the hot shits from their asses.

Sexy Mistress Adison has a nice surprise for the male slave in the bathroom stall. The slave sticks his face in her tight asshole and waits for the sexy mistress to shit all over his face. She has eaten a good meal and is ready for a nice shit all over his face and into his open mouth. He gets to taste all of her shit too.

First timer Kiki comes over to give the toilet some of her nice turds and sweet golden nectar into his pig boy mouth. He eats and drinks what he can but there was too much for this toilet. She has a very big full ass and a lto coming out of it today as she pours all of her piss and shit in his mouth but its too much.

This slave has a lucky day as he gets to be the victim of the gorgeous Mistress Gaia's hot shit right into his open mouth on the floor. She lies on top of the clear glass toilet seat setting her gorgeous ass right down on top of it as she proceeds to drop a hot shit into the slaves open mouth. He eats up all of her shit.

The new toilet chair is having his first go round as the ladies stop by to test him out as his head sticks out from the floor. The redhead is the first to drop by as she pulls up her skirt and unleashes the hot brown shit right into the open mouth of the new human toilet. He gets to suck on her big fat shit for the day.

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