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Dominant girls forced men to eat their shit

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When you have a free imagination like this mistress, anything can happen. This mistress decided to butter her bread with shit. And she wanted her slave to eat it

It is an extreme makeover for the slave as he lies his head on top of the tub and gets shit and pissed on by the very sexy Jenny as she smokes her cigarette. She smokes and blows all of the smoke into his mouth as he lies back and she rubs all of her shit and piss on his chest and face. He is a stinky mess.

Mistress Gaia is being very generous with you today in sharing her shit with you. You are truly on her shit list because you have repeatedly come in last place as a slave and you do not deserve such a honor. Mistress Gaia is doing you a big favor by letting you be the recipient of all of her shit from her gorgeous asshole. She will shit in your mouth.

The Black big butt girl Keisha takes a sloppy big shit and makes a mess of the toilets face. The slaves face gets covered by all of her light brown shit which comes out of her ass very sloppy and nasty. She serves up a soft fudge sundae of hot shit from her big black ass right on top of the slaves loser face on the floor.

This slave has a lucky day as he gets to be the victim of the gorgeous Mistress Gaia's hot shit right into his open mouth on the floor. She lies on top of the clear glass toilet seat setting her gorgeous ass right down on top of it as she proceeds to drop a hot shit into the slaves open mouth. He eats up all of her shit.

Mistress Adison makes her Slave serve her the Way she wants a Slave to serve. The hot brunette shoves her pussy and ass hole into the slaves mouth as they are lying on the couch and she begins to shit hard into his open mouth. The slave has his hands behind his back so he cannot push her off if he begins to choke on her shit.

Mistress Raw Desires just loves using the toilet. She shows of her big juicy ebony ass off before dropping some smelly turds in the toilets open mouth. She also gives him a nice stream of warm piss and then makes makes the toilet lick her smelly ass clean. She has a big full figured ebony butt and she sits down and squats on top of the slave to shit.

The gorgeous Mistress Gaia has a beautiful body and she loves to show it off as she pulls down her thong under wear and takes a shit into the silver bowl under the chair. She is very casual and sneaky as she slowly lowers her panties and shits intot he silver bowl that is placed underneath her leather chair. The bowl gets filled with all of her shit.

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