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Goddess Amirha was paid some good money to humiliate this slave and she did it to the best of her ability. She used her scat fetish to do it. First of all she smothered his face with her ass and when she was done, she farted on him. After that, she made him eat her shit and he had no choice but to do it. She taught him a lesson he will never forget.

This mistress was tired of being a good girl. She had always been the kind to follow all she was told and to behave as expected. But she was tired of it because it was not fun. She saw her friends having fun and she craved it. She was watching naughty stuff on the internet when she came across scat fetish videos. She tried them and loved them. She could not help but do it everyday.

Many mistresses become scat queens in their adulthood but this mistress became one when she was just a teen. She used to see her mom do it secretly and her mom never knew she knew. She hid the fact that she knew and looked for ways of having her own scat fetish fun. Then she graduated to having her own slaves and humiliating them. She became a better scat queen than her mother.

This mistress likes to smoke. It is usually a way to mask what she intends to do. When slaves see her smoking, they think she will burn them with her cigarette or that she will choke them with the smoke. But she also likes to smoke because it makes her feel like shitting. When this happens, she makes the slaves lie down and open their mouths and take a deposit.

Mistress Gaia had had a scat fetish for a very long time. But in all that time, she had never seen how shit comes out of her asshole. She was curious and wanted to satisfy her curiosity. So she recorded herself shitting. She positioned the camera directly in front of her pussy and asshole and stroked her pussy as she shit. It was fun seeing the source of her fun.

Lady Grace and Lady Katharina know how to humiliate and degrade slaves. They are cruel individually but when they combine, they are a deadly duo. They got a slave and had fun humiliating him. They wanted to create a viral fetish video and they managed to do it. First they shit on his face and the smell was too strong even for them so they puked on his face as well.

These mistresses wanted to make this loser an example to the others. They wanted to make sure nobody ever messed with them. So they made a video of how they punished and humiliated him then they posted it to the group of people they did not want to mess with them. They trampled him with high heels before shitting on his face and having him eat all the shit and swallow.

This mistress has always had a thing for shit. She has always felt nice whenever she shits. And it turned into her hobby and now it is a fetish. She likes how long and hard and big shits stretch her asshole. She wanted to shit the biggest one yet so she went without shitting for three days and when she did, she recorded her shit. It was big and she had a mixture of pain and pleasure when shitting it.

Mistress Isabella was having fun with this guy when she decided that she could have even more fun if she had this fun at his expense. She had nothing to lose by doing that so she decided to blindfold him. She then had shit placed on the floor so that he could not see what it was. Then made him identify it correctly and if not, eat it. She had fun seeing him eat shit.

Gaia is a mistress who is no nonsense. This unlucky slave did not know that. She made him eat her shit and swallow it and he learnt the hard way

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