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Mistress Gaia had had a scat fetish for a very long time. But in all that time, she had never seen how shit comes out of her asshole. She was curious and wanted to satisfy her curiosity. So she recorded herself shitting. She positioned the camera directly in front of her pussy and asshole and stroked her pussy as she shit. It was fun seeing the source of her fun.

This mistress loves shitting. She has a giant ass that when she sits on the toilet, she covers the whole of it. But she does not just love shitting. She also likes humiliating her slave. She likes to shit and miss and let her shit fall on the floor. Then she uses the bathroom rug as her toilet paper. Then she forces her slave to clean all of them up.

Alexa was alone and feeling horny. She was free to do all the crazy things she wanted. She pooped and she used her poop as her lube when she masturbated

Stephi has big tits and they cast a spell on many men. She uses that advantage to make them do whatever she wants like having them lick her poop

It is an extreme makeover for the slave as he lies his head on top of the tub and gets shit and pissed on by the very sexy Jenny as she smokes her cigarette. She smokes and blows all of the smoke into his mouth as he lies back and she rubs all of her shit and piss on his chest and face. He is a stinky mess.

Mistress Gaia is being very generous with you today in sharing her shit with you. You are truly on her shit list because you have repeatedly come in last place as a slave and you do not deserve such a honor. Mistress Gaia is doing you a big favor by letting you be the recipient of all of her shit from her gorgeous asshole. She will shit in your mouth.

The sexy Girls are having Lunch and just snip their Fingers to let the Slave know he is up for Toilet duty and to get in the Position needed. they are all finishing up their breakfast and it is time for them to take their daily shits on the human toilet. He gets in his ready position underneath the table awaiting the hot shits from their asses.

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